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Cost Savings Associated with In-house Pulverizing.

Pulverizing in-house generates savings as much as 6 to 8 cents per pound compared to purchasing your resin in powder form. Buying pellets and pulverizing in-house is an excellent alternative to make your company more competitive in today’s marketplace.

Our Commitment to Your Quality

Powder King® is unique in that our commitment to quality extends beyond what we manufacture into what you manufacture. Our disks and airflow management technology are engineered to consistently achieve perfect particle distribution and the required bulk density and dry powder flow. We have an operator-training program that provides operators a comprehensive understanding of pulverizing and focuses on maintaining the highest level of powder quality.

Standard Features

Nowhere else can you find a pulverizing system that includes many features that others will charge you for as options.

  • Direct Drive Mills
  • This revolutionary design eliminates the use of industry standard belt drive. The flywheel for the rotating disks is directly connected to the motor shaft, eliminating the belt drive, bearing housing and motor adjustment fixture. The direct drive provides 100% of the available horse power, which belt drive models do not. The direct drive saves our customers the expense of stocking expensive drive parts, bearings, seals, belts, spindle shaft or complete bearing housing assembly. The direct drive also eliminates down time due to bearing or belt failure.
  • The piping is heavier gauge than our competition and the clamps connecting each joint are forever clamps with positive o-ring seal to eliminate leaking of powder at the connection.
  • 8″HMI Operator Touch Screen, Eaton Logic Control PLC, Contactors, Starters. The industry standard with worldwide accessibility to parts and service.
  • 150 hp, 75 hp and 60 hp Premium-Efficiency Cast Iron Motors.
  • Large Capacity Rotationally Molded Plastic Pellet Hopper with Center Flow.
  • 10 Cu. Ft. 350lbs. to 14.2 Cu. Ft. 500lbs. Center flow eliminates hang-ups of material in the hoppers. Largest capacity – 2-1/2 times the size of competitor’s standard hopper.
  • Standard Upper & Lower Operator Work Platforms (Dual Mill Models).
  • Improved operator safety and access to everything on the machine.
  • Extra thick, heavy-duty malleable steel housings are cast in one-piece for increased safety. Contour design for efficient material flow.
  • High Output Eriez 26C Vibratory Feeder-99% efficient – professionally designed cyclone eliminates carryover dust and product loss.
  • 10-20hp High-Efficiency Blowers-A high efficiency blower that creates the exact vacuum to move the product through the 8″ Airlock  system at the required velocity.
  • 6-9 Deck Great Western Sifters on Dual Mills.
  • 5-Deck Great Western Sifter on Single Mill.
  • (3) Single Stud Disk Gap Adjusters Per Mill- Allow adjustment of the disk gap from outside mill. Integrated spring loaded mechanism on stud provides single point adjustment.
  • Stainless Steel Water Jacketed Adjusting Fixture for Stationary Disks.
  • “Y” mainline vacuum pipe to the mills allows for equal vacuum draw at both mills, thus increasing the airflow to the mill chambers. This allow increased material flow capabilities in the mill chambers.
  • Our 20″ disks are 30% larger than comparable models resulting in 20% to 30% greater output than similar models on the market. This disk design lasts 4-to-5 times longer than conventional disks. The disks inner clamp and outer segments secure the disks.
  • Component layout design for easy access to motors, grease fittings, Dual Mill Machine ships in (3) fully assembled pre-wired pieces and the single mill in (2) pieces. No field wiring, except incoming power, required.


  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Frequency drive reduce the in-rush of electricity and consumption during start-up to 30 Amps starting the pulverizing system. This reduces the demand load at start up which decrease electrical costs.



Powder King® mills have time and time again proven to give our customers the performance they demand from a pulverizing system. When it comes to performance Powder King® is on your side to deliver.


Powder King® is known for their reliability to deliver the highest quality pulverizing system available in the industry. We understand that our customers need a system that can withstand punishing conditions in the harshest environments, whether your production requirements are from Polyethylenes for rotational molding and colored compounds or recycling of PVC, PE or other abrasive plastics. The Powder King® pulverizing system will deliver reliability that our customers expect.


Powder King® knows that efficiency is also a key aspect to any equipment. With this at the forefront of every pulverizing system designed, Powder King® uses only the most premium efficient motors for our mills and other component motors. We also use highest quality tool steels for the pulverizers disks and mill components. The PLC control panel electronics are also high quality name brand for years of trouble free operation. All other structural manufacturing and designed components meet the strictest guidelines for our systems functionality. When it comes to efficiency, you have Powder King® as your partner in making your profit grow.


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